— commissions give me the opportunity to create a more personalized work of art. 

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Commissioned artwork provides an opportunity to create a work of art that is more meaningful and personal.

Dedicating the hours to fashion an artwork that merges a man-made as well as natural element into a single piece of art that captures imagination, is rewarding.

Tailoring a frame specifically for someone — is even more rewarding.

consideration on Stalworth


Fashioning this piece was a distinct endeavor, and positively rewarding.

I discovered the antique wood & gesso frame in The Dalles, Oregon, situated on the bank of the mighty Columbia River. A perfect match for its counterpart – a brilliant branch, reclaimed from a seldom exposed lakebed in the Willamette National Forest of Oregon; at water levels that have not been as low since 1969!

I always name my Fusion Frame artwork, commissions included. I considered the history of The Hinds Head and the people and communities that have shared in its journey throughout the ages, as well as Chef Heston Blumenthal’s life and accomplishments, before naming this piece.

Meet Stalworth, an applaud to The Hinds Head lasting the centuries, to the people and communities that have shared, share, in its existence, and most certainly to Heston Blumenthal for all he has achieved. What strong, enduring contributions to life – to the journey.

Special thanks to:

Steven Saunders
Director, Fabled STUDIO, London, UK
Fabled STUDIO on Facebook

Heston Blumenthal
Proprietor The Hinds Head, Bray, UK
The Hinds Head Bray on Facebook
Heston Blumenthal on Facebook

Julian Abrams


Most commissions begin with you using the contact form on my website, emailing, or calling me to let me know that you are interested in a custom artwork. A simple description of what you are looking for submitted to me (a Commission Inquiry). Then, there is the usual back and forth discussions. If you desire to meet with me personally, and can meet me in Bend, Oregon, that works, too. Once we arrive at a mutual understanding as to the fundamentals of the artwork itself, as well as a budget, I send you a Commission Summary. Upon your acceptance and deposit, I add the project to my artwork rotation.
Commissions require a 50% non-refundable deposit.

Most commissioned artwork is accomplished through telephone and email dialogue. If you prefer to meet with me personally, and can meet me in Bend, Oregon, that works, too.

After receipt of your deposit, the first step is for me to seek out and acquire the Fusion Frame components, after which I provide a photo of a rudimentary mock-up, with design notes, emailed for review.

Unquestionably. Feedback is encouraged throughout the process, but most importantly in the beginning stages when you receive the Commission Summary and Rudimentary Mock-up Photo (with design notes).

The minimum cost for a commission is $3,000, with a non-refundable deposit of 50%. The remaining balance and S&H costs are due upon completion and before shipping. Please submit a Commission Inquiry for more specific pricing.

The Commission Summary will include an estimated completion date. Completion times vary, from a few weeks to several months. It depends on the scope of the project, availability of the artwork assets, and my project rotation.  If the commissioned artwork is time dependent, let me know in the Commission Inquiry.

Yes, marginally comparable. Identical or very close, no. I never attempt to make the same piece twice. I could not even if I wanted to, as each component of a Fusion Frame is distinctive. I can create a piece for you that integrates a frame and/or branch style that has elements of a past artwork you like, while not violating the originality of the same.

Yes. This type of commissioned artwork requires that you email me several photos taken from varying angles of the location that your Fusion Frame will be appropriated. The photos should also capture the surrounding décor. The site dimensions are required, too.

if you would like to make a Commission Inquiry now

Please use the contact page and contact me by form or email at a time that is best for you.

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